miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010

Radio Kaos, Ritual

OK, today onlly gonna play some good tunes, These fellas don't last too Radio Kaos, they had only 2 hits and this is one: Ritual, we hope you enjoy it. >:3

martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

The bitching rumor of the day: Gustavo Cerati has passed away

"Te vimos volver". Soda Stereo en Sa...Wow, Zemanta works fast. Image via WikipediaTwitter give us something to rejoice today, according to a report of a Costa Rica's newspaper (Srsly), Gustavo Cerati, frontman of Soda, allegedly passed away today. So, to celebrate this fucking scam, we ganna post this Soda Estéreo classic named De música ligera (Of light music). Enjoy it.

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lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

Comedy and rock… La Orquesta Mondragón!

Notice: every time that the official seal of approval of Pedobears appers here, is because the rock band or the rockstar get in troubles with Teh Man for lolitas' issues. Enjoy this post. 

La Orquesta Mondragón, AKA the singer Javier Gurruchaga and his fella in crime and also comedian Popotxo Ayestaran get together at Spain in 1976 to create this band. Their style is very scenic and their songs are plenty of humor.

Now-a-days they continue, but they had a break after some problems, we mean that Javier Gurruchaga has his ass in jail for some loli's affairs, but seems that El Siete Pilas (the spanish version of Bubba) didn't take his ass... or we don't know.

After all, Gurruchaga returns to the rock scene and they're not tired...

Enjoy this track: Caperucita Feroz (Big bad red riding hood, we told yah guise) :P

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jueves, 23 de septiembre de 2010

Green, supergreen

Charly García. En la Casa Rosada. Buenos Aires...Charly García delivering lulz while he supports Chile Wikipedia (c)
In one of his best songs, Charly García assumed that he, when he was a child, "never was so smart" and also "played the piano like an animal".
That was a utterly lie. In fact he was the typical überkid able to found an off-key string of a guitar just hearing it. As a young man he became a rockstar and today he is a legend. No, srly.
He's not Bob Dylan because he's more musician than poet, this don't means that his songs lack of poetry, the point is that his music has a lot of humor. You surely note it seeing  his mustache, one half is blonde and the another one is chesnut. One half of his being is awesome, the another one goes nuts. 
One of my favorite songs is this one, Estoy verde y no me dejan salir  (I'm green and they don't let me go out, supergreen anyone?). When a boy isn't  mature enough to go out and have fun at Latin America he's green, like the green firewood that cannot burn well. This is the metaphor that Charly García alludes with this song.
His bands were Sui Generis in 1974; Porsuigieco, La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros, and his solo career began in1982. Estoy verde... is then his first hit.
I hope you like it. This is a classic.
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sábado, 18 de septiembre de 2010

No dejes que...

Caifanes was an original product of Mexico City, circa the 80's, but they're reach the top at the middles 90's.
This project, an avant-garde band similar to The Cure, found its way to an audience at 1987 after being underground heroes doing a cover from a cumbia hit named "La negra Tomasa", cool.
But they were actually a pretty good band, maybe the best band in Mexico at the earlies 90's. This is a sample of their greatness.
The worst part of this story is how they broke up: very badly. Just like Guns and Roses did it. Yep, bad like this. With this I saying that even with a little number of reunion shows and a new band spawned form Caifanes named Jaguares never was the same thing.
This track is "No dejes que" (Not let that...") and fit perfectly with this band and its issues.
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