viernes, 29 de octubre de 2010

Toreros Muertos

Water Cycle 2Well, the idea is more or less the same misskprimary via FlickrThis antique band is probably the most epic band of the 80's in Spain since all of them are notable trolls, this song is a sample:
Mi agüita amarilla (My lil' yellow water) is the water cycle explain it very thoroughly where the starting point it's a drunktard taking a leak, just figure it out guys...
So you guys probably asked themselves why we posted this song while we promise a full week enterely devoted to Día de Muertos or Halloween (the same thing), well, we do it because they're los toreros muertos, the dead bullfighters...
Ok, we will post more about día de muertos or Halloween tomorrow, then, enjoy the music of these geniuses.

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miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

Víctimas del Doctor Cerebro

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 29: Artist Adriana A...
Oh hai der Getty Images via @daylife

OK guys, our next band for this Halloween or Día de Muertos weekend, Víctimas del Doctor Cerebro was one of the most creative bands of the 90’s, maybe the most creative. This is their first hit: El esqueleto. Basically depicts one the day in the life of a unemployed. This poor boy is only asking for a opportunity and while he receive one, he dances making sound his skeleton like a drum. Surely this boy need a quiropractor urgently.
Check at 2:50-2:57, major lolz happen there ;)

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martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

Popular song about the life and the death

Rock exists in Venezuela, seriously, although this more like ska, but whatever, there are some few great bands right there and Desorden Público is one of them. This song is named Canto popular de la vida y muerte and appears in the CD Plomo revienta, not a big deal until you hear it, also, this is a live version. Wow.

viernes, 22 de octubre de 2010

More WTF

Video Genitallicalolololololol Image by molcatron via Flickr
This band was funny at the begining of the 2000's, today we don't know because lost any track of them. Their name s a band was Genitallica (yeah, seriously) and their songs are about earn money without do a job, masturbation, drug, beer, sex and others teen fantasies.
Also note the shotacom fetishes: ¿Boy scouts?, altar boys? That's why this post once again WTF.

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jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010

A Satanic Post

The Episcopal Palace, c. 1700Oopa Image via WikipediaIntroducing Mario, this guy is part of the collective Happy-Fi from Monterrey, Mexico. This song depics this simple scenario: what happen when a Jehova witness faces a satanic boy. If you think that the Jehova witness would have a hard time you're wrong because he ask for blackup to his brothers.
Some others guy of Happy-Fi apper on video, including Chetes.
Lyrics traslated:
One friend of mine said that he was satanic
Jehova witnesses came to his home one sunday
He told them "Go away, I'm satanic".
The next sunday arrived 50 witnesses
to watch the satanic boy
to watch the satanic boy...
and also to know the satanic boy

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miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010

The WTF time

Chococat's dustyAaaaw, cute little thing Image by Fujin via Flickr
Has arrived, introducing, the most ??? band from Mexico: Liquits.
Liquit do a lot of nonsenses like this song, if you hear with attention you will be able to found that this song lack of lyrics, it's not japanese, just some words here and there.
And also, this' not the official video, a company of cute thing like Sanrio used to promote their characters.
Funny stuff after all. 

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martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Nalguita, by Plastilina Mosh

Plastilina MoshCover of Plastilina MoshDuring the mid-90's, at Monterrey, Mexico, two nerds, Rosso and Jonás, make the decision to create a band. Their style was unclasificable since they didn't sound like anyone else on these happier times. Today, their style was replicated by others bands like F.A.S.E, Belanova, Sussie 4 and Kinky -yep, Kinky, that band that appear on a chapter of CSI Miami and whose singer colabore with infected Mushroom's Becoming insane.
Today, they're still at business and they are a bigger band by the way. This song, Nalguita (Lil' bum) is awesome and its video cannot be describe it with words.

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lunes, 18 de octubre de 2010

Hi there, brothers

play-doh (plastilina)Get it? Image by VeganWarrior via Flickr
This weekend was very funny, but now we have to do our job because we need it, for this reason we couldn't put any great song from the awesome world of Rock en Español.
We swear this day we gonna post a great song for all of you, our audience, since this project works because of you pals.
We'll give you a hint about the song that gonna be posted here. It's from the duo that created the style that later was cashed by bands like Sussie 4, Belanova, F.A.S.E and Kinky, but they're more related to Beck.
Do you know them? ;)
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sábado, 16 de octubre de 2010

Bon y los enemigos del silencio part III

If you're smart kids, you noted that in the last video Bon y los enemigos del silencio already had a drummer, in this video they show how their drummer join to the band.
This song is named Tira todo (Dump everything), and on it appear two radiostar froms Mexico: René Franco (The psicotic bald on the video) and Sergio Zurita (The grannie).
The next post of this video gonna love it, or at least this I hope so.

viernes, 15 de octubre de 2010

Bon y los enemigos del silencio part II

Another one, this is just a colaboration for Aleks Syntek (a mexican popstar more related to electronic music). Hasta el fin del mundo (Till the end of the world) it's darn catchy and I suspect strongly that all of you will love this video for some few reasons ;)
Enjoy it then.

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miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

Bon y los enemigos del silencio

Yep, "Bon & The Silence's Enemies" this is a such particular mexican band from the darkest 80's, just watch them, everything on them shout it.
Also note this: They don't have a drumer in the band, the beat was programed in a the beatbox as you can check in this video, Voy a buscar, (I gonna search). The lyrics are epics.
Voy a buscar la paz interior en tu interior (I gonna search my inner peace in your inside)
te voy a partir en dos (I gonna tear you apart in two)
Y te voy a preguntar a dónde vives y cuántos años tienes  (and I gonna ask you where do you live and what's your age)
y por qué eres así conmigo (and why you're such like this with me)
Voy a buscar el hilo negro en tus medias (I gonna search the black thread in your stockings)
y el hilo blanco en tus guantes (and the white thread in your gloves)
Voy a pedirte tres deseos (I gonna ask you for three wishes)
a ver si me los cumples (to watch if you're able to fulfill them)
voy a gritar tu nombre (I gonna shout your name)
¡Hasta que muera! (till I die!)

P.D: The gurl is not a gurl...

martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

Amores perros

One of my favorite songs of all times is this one, Lucha de gigantes (Gigants' struggle) by one Spanish band named Nacha Pop, my generation cry every time that they heard it...
This tune was used for the soundtrack of one of the best movies on Earth...

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sábado, 9 de octubre de 2010


First we offer apologies because our lack of activity last days, to recover the wasted time we post about this awesome band: Cuca.

Cuca was a band from Guadalajara, Mexico, that rocks in the 90's , If you mix together hard rock with some slices of gothic and a lot of humor and a very mexican sense of the music you got them. Cuca disbanded when José Fors, their frontman, quit to became a painter and manage his own side project (Forseps), but now that he fail at this purpose they reunited for some few presentations and discs, any of them relevant at all so far.

This was their first hit: Señorita cara de pizza, lols ensued.

miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010


We're happy that our project is gaining this amount of attention. We will focuses more on people from the 2000 and not only at great bands, we will write about things that sucks hard right now on the hispanic rock scene.
So our next band: Bengala. Bengala was a brand new band, they began in 2003 at Mexico City because they felt that young people like them needed new music, different of ye olde rock en español, music that talk about their particular problems.
Bengala began in a very common fashion: parties, bar clubs and pizza stores; however, a radio station named Reactor spoted them and they became popular in a very short period of time, in fact they opened concerts of guys like The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Molotov (check the last post) and Fobia (some day we gonna talk about them, because they were awesome)
Bengala is some of the few bands that really give something good to the audience.
Bengala - Carretera (Highway) (Sesiones Telehit)

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lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010


What can we say about Molotov?  Tito Fuentes (guitar & voice)), Miky Huidobro (bass),  Paco Ayala (bass, yeah two bass, like it?) , and Randy Ebright (drums) know each others at school, but not any given school, they attended to The American School of Mexico City, where your first languaje it's the english, yeah, so jealous about it because I won't suffer a lot to write this entries in english, if I attended in such a school, but anyway...

In fact, Randy is american.

Their funny lyrics talk about any kind of issue on earth. Migration, Politics, living in a country like Mexico... in a lampoonic style.
So check this brothers and sister.

Molotov - Yofo (???)

domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

Do you know him?

That's right, He's Juanes, in a very strange time, where even Shakira tried to rock in Colombia. He created a band named Ekhymosis (???).

This song is named Ciudad Pacífico, Enjoy it. 

sábado, 2 de octubre de 2010


Bersuit Vergarabat is a band created at the lates 80's and came out from the underground circuit of Buenos Aires during the 90's. Appearing at festivals at neighboring countries. The band became popular among the youngsters of that time because of their compositions, that combined a rebellious and disobedient actitude and Latin rhythms like cumbia, vallenato and hip-hop with rock from the slums and  some metals. Anything could happen in their crazy-ass concerts. 

 Sr. Cobranza (Mr. Collection) - Bersuit @España 1999

Psicodelic riffs? In my rock en español?

Yep, bros, it's more likely than yo think. Since Mexico had a very cute and nice version of Woodstock named "Avándaro" (Valle de Bravo, wey), a lot of bands emerged from this festival, like Three souls in my mind, Love and Peace,Trolebús and (of course) Love Army, whose frontman was named Pájaro Alberto, he came from the happiest place on Earth (Tijuana) and certanly the guy was too advanced with respect to his time, just check it fellas.

Pájaro Alberto, Viaje fantástico (Fantastic trip).