lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

Comedy and rock… La Orquesta Mondragón!

Notice: every time that the official seal of approval of Pedobears appers here, is because the rock band or the rockstar get in troubles with Teh Man for lolitas' issues. Enjoy this post. 

La Orquesta Mondragón, AKA the singer Javier Gurruchaga and his fella in crime and also comedian Popotxo Ayestaran get together at Spain in 1976 to create this band. Their style is very scenic and their songs are plenty of humor.

Now-a-days they continue, but they had a break after some problems, we mean that Javier Gurruchaga has his ass in jail for some loli's affairs, but seems that El Siete Pilas (the spanish version of Bubba) didn't take his ass... or we don't know.

After all, Gurruchaga returns to the rock scene and they're not tired...

Enjoy this track: Caperucita Feroz (Big bad red riding hood, we told yah guise) :P

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There has always been a connection between Espanol and Rock music...
Nice blog you have here bro,
supporting and following~

amidoinitrite? dijo...

awesome post here

Clox dijo...

haha old school! cool video.