sábado, 18 de septiembre de 2010

No dejes que...

Caifanes was an original product of Mexico City, circa the 80's, but they're reach the top at the middles 90's.
This project, an avant-garde band similar to The Cure, found its way to an audience at 1987 after being underground heroes doing a cover from a cumbia hit named "La negra Tomasa", cool.
But they were actually a pretty good band, maybe the best band in Mexico at the earlies 90's. This is a sample of their greatness.
The worst part of this story is how they broke up: very badly. Just like Guns and Roses did it. Yep, bad like this. With this I saying that even with a little number of reunion shows and a new band spawned form Caifanes named Jaguares never was the same thing.
This track is "No dejes que" (Not let that...") and fit perfectly with this band and its issues.
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