sábado, 9 de octubre de 2010


First we offer apologies because our lack of activity last days, to recover the wasted time we post about this awesome band: Cuca.

Cuca was a band from Guadalajara, Mexico, that rocks in the 90's , If you mix together hard rock with some slices of gothic and a lot of humor and a very mexican sense of the music you got them. Cuca disbanded when José Fors, their frontman, quit to became a painter and manage his own side project (Forseps), but now that he fail at this purpose they reunited for some few presentations and discs, any of them relevant at all so far.

This was their first hit: Señorita cara de pizza, lols ensued.

5 comentarios:

A Hermit dijo...

That was quite a funny song

Anónimo dijo...

Oh man, one band I've heard of! Nice.

J. Antonio dijo...

La cuca, un excelente grupo musical
Los he ido a ver muchisimas veces

Busca la de " La balada" un clasico

Good post bro

infostation dijo...

Pretty good song, thanks for sharing. I really enjoy this song.

The Square Circle dijo...

strikes me as a bit odd...