miércoles, 13 de octubre de 2010

Bon y los enemigos del silencio

Yep, "Bon & The Silence's Enemies" this is a such particular mexican band from the darkest 80's, just watch them, everything on them shout it.
Also note this: They don't have a drumer in the band, the beat was programed in a the beatbox as you can check in this video, Voy a buscar, (I gonna search). The lyrics are epics.
Voy a buscar la paz interior en tu interior (I gonna search my inner peace in your inside)
te voy a partir en dos (I gonna tear you apart in two)
Y te voy a preguntar a dónde vives y cuántos años tienes  (and I gonna ask you where do you live and what's your age)
y por qué eres así conmigo (and why you're such like this with me)
Voy a buscar el hilo negro en tus medias (I gonna search the black thread in your stockings)
y el hilo blanco en tus guantes (and the white thread in your gloves)
Voy a pedirte tres deseos (I gonna ask you for three wishes)
a ver si me los cumples (to watch if you're able to fulfill them)
voy a gritar tu nombre (I gonna shout your name)
¡Hasta que muera! (till I die!)

P.D: The gurl is not a gurl...

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The Square Circle dijo...

this music just kind makes me go O_o

pixel dijo...

i wonder why no drummer??

amidoinitrite? dijo...

nice, I like what I see!

Flippy dijo...

I've actually heard of these guys! I listened to them for a while, but I never knew they had new material out.

hippilazma dijo...

epic band thanks

Futomara dijo...

Excellent post!

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See you real soon!